Streamlav Wing

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Intersan innovation continues with the ultimate in customizable lavatory designs: The Streamlav Wing. Why design your space around existing lavatory models? Now Intersan can quickly deliver exactly the length, options and style you want.

  • How many users do you need to serve? Choose from one to three users.
  • What length to you need? Choose units from 30 to 120 inches long.
  • Do you prefer a Classic or contemporary look? Choose rounded or square corners.
  • Would you prefer an asymmetrical Wing to the right or left? Or Wings with round or square trash can holes? The Intersan Streamlav Wing can be ordered in any of these configurations.
  • How about mounting options? Intersan's Streamlav Wing also offers mounting choices based on the budget and look you prefer: Choose no skirt or trap cover, a solid surface trap cover or add a stainless steel skirt. 

The Streamlav Wing is manufactured of Intersan's proprietary Anti-Microbial solid surface in a wide variety of colors and, of course, all units are ADA compliant.

You can find more information on the Streamlav Wing here