Solid Surface Lavatories

Solid surface is a synthetic material with an extremely durable surface. Intersan's solid surface fixtures are made from anti-bacterial Solidguard and are extremely well suited for all public restroom and healthcare applications.

Solidwave Classic

The Solidwave Classic adds an updated traditional feel in a wide variety of applications and settings from public restrooms to office and retail facilities. Pre-plumbed and pre-assembled, the Classic also offers a wide choice of faucet styles for exactly the right final touch.

Ideal for retrofits and remodels, the Solidwave Classic can be configured for one, two or three users.

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Saniwave Rx

The Saniwave Rx sinks are hand washing stations that can provide complete client safety and also hold up to years of heavy use. Tough but beautiful, these gorgeous European style sinks are brilliantly designed for complete protection and manufactured of our proprietary anti-microbial solid surface.

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The two and three user Streamlav hand wash stations are not only functional for the user but also focus on reducing maintenance issues for years to come.

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Streamlav Wing

Intersan innovation continues with the ultimate in customizable lavatory designs: The Streamlav Wing.
Why design your space around existing lavatory models? Now Intersan can quickly deliver exactly the length, options and style you want.

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Streamlav View

Sleek, Modern, Flexible

The Streamlav View was designed to bring exceptional contemporary style to any space. You can choose lengths from 30 to 120 inches for one, two, three or four users. In fact, we can manufacture the Streamlav View to fit the exact length required.
Innovative optional features are available:

  • The unique integral Bag Hook allows each user to hang a purse, backpack or purchases within reach but off the sink surface for security and cleanliness.
  • A Baby Changing Station can be added to any of the user options, and is also integral to the unit;
  • Or you can add a Trash Receptacle Opening to either or both sides of the sink(s).
  • Optional Shelving can be used for hand towels or decorative items.




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Solidwave High-Low

The new paradigm for commercial lavatory systems: Intersan's Solidwave® High-Low. This innovative multiple bowl lavatory was designed to allow you to specify beautiful contemporary style, exceptional installation versatility and long lasting, guaranteed product quality for a surprisingly competitive price.

The Solidwave® High-Low offers a number of unique advantages including ADA compliant sink heights for both juvenile and adult in the same unit, a four-user model, available baby change station and Intersan's exclusive FDA approved anti-microbial solid surface. With more than 75 years of industry leading experience, Intersan is ready to deliver your custom manufactured system in budget and on time.

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The Single, Dual and Tri station Solidwave allow washroom comfort and convenience for one, two or three users. The station provides personal user space and facilates movement of people in heavy use applications.

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Though not much larger in size than a conventional lavatory, the Sanifount can serve two, three or four users simultaneously (depending on the model), and is the ideal solution to restrooms with intensive traffic.
Its exclusive design and the no-touch control are easily accessible to all users and complies with ADA standards. Bowl and skirt are made from one piece anti-bacterial Solidguard and the drain is covered by a solid surface drain cover further enhancing hygiene.

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The Saniwave® is designed for use as either an individual wash station or as a bank of wash stations each supplied with an independent drain and trap. Additionally, optional shelving is provided to accessorize the unit. 

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