Sanispray® Piezo Activated Washfountains

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The heavy duty 16 gauges stainless steel type AISI 304 washfountains combine a pedestal, parabolic bowl, water distribution column, sprayhead and soap dispenser into a system designed plumbing fixture. The black powder coated steel or stainless steel conical pedestal versus conventional multi-part pedestals, results in maximized stability, while permitting easy access for wheelchair use. The fixtures are preplumbed, thus making them easy to install. All materials are of the highest quality.
All Intersan piezo operated washfountains are activated by light touch and are powered by 9V batteries.

PZ Model - Individual Piezo Touch Button Control
Water distribution head made of stainless steel type AISI 304 with 8,6,5,4 or 3 piezo touch buttons that activate an equal number of solenoid valves 9V battery-powered. Water cycles are programmable (factory set at 11 sec.). The waterflow can be stopped mid-cycle by touching the button. Automatic anti-legionnaire's disease flushing cycle 24 hrs after last usage. Vandal-resistant nozzles 0.5 GPM.
Soap: integral liquid (L) or powdered (P) soap dispenser or soap tower (B) for soap dispensers.


A very light touch on the piezo touch button causes an electrical charge. This charge combined with a latching solenoid valve and a 9V battery allows start and stop the water flow.

The water will flow for 10 seconds or can be stopped mid-cycle by touching the touch button. A different duration of the water flow can be programmed upon request.

Soap System- Liquid Soap Dispenser with 4 (for circular model) liquid soap valves
- A powder soap dispenser with 2 or more lever mechanisms
- A mounting bracket for soap dispensers supplied by others
Stainless Steel Pedestals- The standard black powder coated pedestal can be substituted by an optional stainless steel pedestal
Wall-Hung- Especially designed for applications where no pedestals can be installed. Includes a sturdy wall mounting frame and stainless steel skirt hiding all plumbing connections
Junior Height Pedestal- Especially designed for the youngest ones. Rim height around 26"
Extra-High Pedestal- Rim height around 37 1/2". Adult users won't have to bend over anymore. This is certainly appreciated by tall people and persons with back problems
Anti-Legionnaires Flushing Cycle- The washfountain flushes automatically every 24 hours and this can help prevent the growth of legionnaires'bacteria
Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Stainless Steel Shroud and Towel Dispensers
Quick Connect Options- A flexible drain connector, stainless steel flexible supplies and a cast brass 4-way trap (check local code for compliance) can even further shorten the time needed for installation

* ADA Compliance
      ** ANSI Barrier Free: Parallel approach only

Ease of use for the handicapped, elderly and childrenA very light touch of the switch is enough to activate the water flow
Programmable water cyclesThe water cycle can be programmed by the installer to meet the needs of the user. Unlike mechanical valves, the duration of the water cycle will stay constant over time
Maintenance friendlyThe piezo switch is better protected from water and moisture than most sensors
Water savingsContrary to sensor faucets, the water flow can be stopped mid-cycle by a simple touch of the switch
An automatic anti-legionnaires disease flushing cycle can be programmedWith this option, the faucet flushes automatically every 24 hours to help prevent the growth of legionnaires' bacteria thus avoiding the need for an expensive central control unit
Hygienic and Maintenance - FriendlyThe maintenance of stainless steel type AISI 304 is very easy and simple. Moreover, the parabolic shape of the bowl guarantees a correct draining of the water and contributes to the quality and the hygiene of the washfountain
Durable and Sturdy ConstructionThe Intersan washfountains are manufactured of strong materials and are specifically designed for washrooms requiring sturdy and durable fixtures
Reduces Installation CostsEliminates chair carriers, installation of single lavatories and trimming out of each station. Each Sanispray® unit serves multiple users with a single set of supplies and one drain thus saving time and money over traditional lavatories
Maximal Water ConservationSanispray® includes automatic flow control nozzles resulting in maximum water savings
Space Savings WashfountainsThey take up significantly less space than lavatories of equal capacity. Additionally, their installation is very flexible in that different models exist to be used in freestanding, wall or corner configurations
Vandal-ResistantThe use of durable materials and the integration of all components in the washfountain make it vandal-resistant. The piezo switch has no moving parts and is thus less susceptible to wear and tear
Barrier-Free / ADA CompliantSeveral ADA models are available

The Sanispray contributes to meeting LEED requirements in the following categories:

  • WEp1 - Water Efficiency
  • WEc3 - Water Use Reduction

Each nozzle has a flow rate of 0.5 gpm.

The water will flow as long as the hands are under the sensor with a maximum of 30 seconds.

The scuff base, bowl, riser column, drain pan, water and/or soap distribution head, sprayring are made of stainless steel. Stainless Steel is 100 % recyclable.