Sanispray® Mechanical Washfountains

Collective Mechanical Sanispray

Collective Control System

Collective washfountains deliver water to all the users when one user activates the unit. In this case, the water is deliverd through a sprayring. The activation can either be by means of a footrail or by means of push buttons. The rigid construction of the washfountain resulsts in a very vandal resistant fixture. The concealed installation of all mechanical parts inside the pedestal further prevents tampering with the unit. The collective washfountain is best used in restrooms that are extensively used by large groups of people at the same time.

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Individual Mechanical Sanispray

Individual Control Systems

The individual washfountain allows each user to control and operate a separate water nozzle. The unit can be configurated to be activated in several ways:

  • Water distribution ring with push button or cold water faucets
  • Push button water distribution heaad
  • Individual foot control
  • Water distribution head with piezo touch button activation

Units with individually controleld water are perfect for restrooms with intermittent traffic.

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