INTERSAN is a premier producer of
commercial and institutional restroom solutions worldwide with products which
focus on functionality and ergonomics.

Headquartered in Belgium,
Intersan is a division of the Van Marcke Group, a multinational conglomerate
which serves the commercial and residential plumbing industry as well as the
modular office furniture business. With operations in the United States,
Belgium, France and Malta – the Van Marcke Group employs over 1500 people.

Intersan has nearly 90 years of
experience in the manufacturing of stainless steel and solid surface plumbing
fixtures – introducing one of the world’s first wash fountains in 1938.  With a focus on ingenuity and catering to the
commercial sanitary market needs, Intersan has invested throughout its history
in robotic painting, welders, polishers, CNC machinery and multi thousand-ton

With the advent of engineered
solid surface in the 1970’s, Intersan was one of the first to develop and
market plumbing fixtures through our Malta plant and further expanded
operations into North American in 2009 by opening a production plant in
Phoenix, Arizona.

QUALITY – Intersan’s quality
craftsmanship affords it one of the industries longest lasting warranty system
with 5 years on solid surface and stainless-steel fixtures and 3 years on all
other Intersan components.

EFFICIENCY – Intersan delivers
all fixtures pre-plumbed and pre-assembled – ensuring 30-90-minute installation
per unit.  Further, Intersan believes in
Fast Delivery.  Most systems are shipped
in 3-5 days or less.

specializes in Multi-user Systems to save space and solve design problems.  Most all our fixtures are available in a
variety of configurations. We bring creative solutions for all design

Intersan systems use your existing plumbing.
Because there are no electrical outlets or special plumbing modifications
required, there are fewer connections to make.
Further, Intersan is reliable with valves and components made of durable
brass and stainless steel, not plastic.
Finally, our technologically advanced fixtures are engineered with fewer
components and require little maintenance.

WARRANTY – Intersan warrants Sanispray, Saniwave,
Solidwave, Sanifount and Streamlav against defects in material and workmanship
for a period of five years from the
date of the original invoice. Components on Sanispray, Saniwave, Solidwave and
Sanifount are warranted for 3 years (excluding batteries and common wear items such as diaphragms, washers,
certain valve parts, etc.). All other units have a warranty against defects in
material and workmanship for a
period of one year from the date of the original invoice. In the event of such
defects within the warranty period, Intersan will at its option, replace or recondition the part of the product proven
defective without charge, except for labor, transportation and shipping charges
which shall be the obligation of
the purchaser. No warranty or replacement parts or units will be sent out for
units where payment is more than 30 days overdue. Intersan will inspect the returned defective parts. If these
returned parts are found not to be defective, then they need to be in
re-sellable condition for credit to be issued.
This shall constitute the
exclusive remedy for breach of warranty, and consequential damages, including,
without limitation, damages or costs resulting from
labor charges, transportation, delays, vandalism, negligence, damage from
adverse water conditions, chemicals, or any other circumstances over which Intersan has no control. This warranty
shall be invalidated by any abuse, misuse, misapplication or improper installation
of the product. The use of any
liquid soaps on hands free fixtures (except for the THRII) other than Intersan
liquid soaps will void the warranty on the fixture. THIS COMPANY MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES,